A hot topic amongst marketing professionals, search engine optimization is a must for any business looking to stay ahead of the game. Why is it so important? It involves using strategies and tools that will increase your rankings in algorithmic search engine results and as a result increase traffic to your site. You can engage in onsite SEO- improving visibilities through website activities- or offsite SEO- improving visibility through means outside of a website. To help you better understand the process, here’s a list of activities often involved in search engine optimization- both onsite and offsite.

Keyword Research

Analysing the words used by customers when searching for a service or product as well as the frequency of it can help you utilize your content to its maximum potential. This is a gruelling process so it’s best that you consider hiring a seo agency Australia that will do the research and much more for you in one go to increase those rankings!

Onsite Optimization and User Experience

You can take care of keeping your content relevant by prioritizing key areas and using the relevant key phrases but that alone will not do the trick. Pay attention to other important aspects of keeping a website running such as your website’s structure and easy navigation. You can keep your content as up to date as possible but it means very little if your website will be hard to understand or use for customers.


You can improve user experience by making sure that your content is not only relevant but contains authority and expertise. This always gains plus points with the customers and allows to build up some trust in your business.


Text-based content can only do so much for your user-interaction rankings. Take it up a notch and use engaging images, videos and diagrams to reduce bounce rate and increase your user’s time on site.


You can communicate with various people who can drive traffic towards your website (this includes journalists, bloggers and influencers). Essentially you can get them to spread more information about your brand, resources or content to earn coverage and build links from popular websites and blog pages to your own. A greater number of reputable links increases rankings and drives a significant amount of referral traffic your way.

Digital PR

As you can see the question ‘What is SEO’ has an answer that goes far beyond selecting the right keywords. A proper SEO campaign will also see to various other activities including that of digital PR. This will provide more than enough reasons for other websites to want to communicate and link with yours. To ensure this you can include exclusive and expert interviews, original research, quotes, product placement and so much more!

Content Marketing

Websites will often want to link to those that have great content. This can be how-to guides, infographics with enough data and so on.

These are the very basics behind Search Engine Optimization, but don’t let them fool you. It is a complex process that requires a highly skilled mindset to be carried out properly. Most businesses prefer to have it carried out in qualified hands so they seek professional agencies or consultants to get the job done for them.



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