During the early days of the advent of information and communication technology, it was relatively easy to access the information without much hassle, due to the fact that the security that was implemented was not really one that could protect it from crafty hackers and thieves. However, in the modern day and age accessing data can be quite an arduous task even if the person has legitimate authority to access the information. In other words, companies are certainly making it harder for people to hack into data vaults, which make the information contained safer. Here are just some of the ways in which these companies bolster their security:

Vetting Process

One of the first things that they would normally do is the vetting process, so as to make sure the employees are trustworthy and are not agents of thefts. This is very much applicable to the people who are in charge of managing the security of the information. To make this process much more streamlined, corporates would normally hire a cyber security consultant, so as to give direction on how to go about this process and how to make sure everything is checked out.

Physical Security

Although contained in a virtual space, sometimes having physical security to guard that virtual space can be considered to be the first layer of securing information of a company. This can be seen in many intelligence agencies around the world where their belongings are constantly checked out from the time the employees of the agency check into work, till the time they check out from work. Although there are so many ways that the physical security can be bypassed, it still is important to note that it gives some sort of protection and sometimes does catch a number of miscreants at this first stage of security.

Virtual Security

This is considered to be one of the primary ways of protecting information. This part is generally outsourced to a Managed Security Service Provider, so as to make sure that the daily routine of the corporate will go on without delay. These specialised companies often look into what sort of data should be protected and how important it is to the company. It is after this analysis that the security providers implement security software and protocols, and it does not end there. The specialised companies would often run tests on the security systems implemented to see just how strong it is.


There are times that prying eyes are really not for stealing, but for sabotaging the information contained within a data vault. As a result, many corporates and country intelligences agencies often maintain backups in an offline site or in an online site that is kept in secret and only known to a few of the people. There are times when there are several backups and just one backup, depending on the security system in place.

All in all, the security systems employed have become quite intricate in that there are many layers that have made the penetration of the system time consuming and difficult.

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