Collaboration Innovation

Building smart business innovation through collaboration.

Tuesday 4 April

A major one-day conference running in conjunction with the 2017 Festival of the Web and the 26th World Wide Web Conference 2017.

With an eclectic program focusing on culture, business, entrepreneurship and innovation, CollaborationInnovation will bring together delegates from all over the Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world to Perth to embrace in the latest thinking, tools and strategies to drive continuous collaboration and innovation – areas critical to future prosperity.

CI themes:

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Collaboration; and,
  • Government.

An inspiring group of leading edge speakers will share their experiences and ideas in collaborative sessions that break the mould of traditional conferences. As a participant, a partner, or sponsor, you will gain new insights and develop new connections with people in the forefront of innovative thinking from all over the world.

CI will include innovative events, keynote speakers, heart-to-heart panel discussions, and more.

Forging partnerships and collaboration throughout the Asia-Pacific and beyond.


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C⇌I Program

Three sessions from 9am to 8:30pm

Morning Session

9am – 9.30am
Opening Remarks and Welcome: Conference Chair, Mr Nilesh Makwana
Address by Mr Giles Nunis, Government Chief Information Officer
The Perspective of Government

9.30am – 10.30am
Mr Andy Weir, Executive General Manager and CIO – Bankwest Enterprise Services
Organisational transformation for a digital future


11.00am – 12.15pm
Euan Semple, Expert on Social Enterprise and Networking capabilities
Getting behind the buzz words

Lunch break

Afternoon Session

1.30pm – 2.30pm
Jeremy Scrivens, Futurist – Emotional Economy
Collaboration is the New Innovation

2.30pm – 3.30pm
Mr John Grohovaz & Mr Nick Stamatiou – Deloitte Australia
A shared delivery –  Globalisation of Innovation – Reaching the World from Australia


4.00pm – 5.00pm
Mr Charles Bass, Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation
My Innovation Journey

Session break

Evening Session

6.00pm – 8.30pm
In partnership with the Australian Israeli Chamber of Commerce (AICC)

SPEAKER: Mr Morris Miselowski, full-stack business futurist
What Australia will look like in 2025


Nilesh Makwana

SESSION TOPIC:  Welcoming all delegates to the conference

Nilesh Makwana, social innovator, ICT advocate and entrepreneur, is an expert at bringing people together to achieve common business goals. He works tirelessly to help improve both business and social causes in commercial and not-for-profit arenas. This conference was his idea and he is it’s convenor.

He lectures at Edith Cowan University; is a founder of the West Tech Assemblage which brings together all the stakeholders in the state to present a showcase for technology and innovation in WA.

Nilesh sits on a number of boards and awards committees with the technology sector; and has founded two projects: the Postcare App, and Borderless Gandhi. He has a BA Honours degree from the University of West London and a Masters degree from Edith Cowan University in Management Information Systems.

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Jeremy Scrivens

SESSION TOPIC: Collaboration is the New Innovation.

Jeremy Scrivens is a Work Futurist & Collaboration and Innovation Catalyst. He is a Director of The Emotional Economy at Work, a colleague at the Melbourne Based Systemix Group and an International Fellow at the England Centre for Practice Development at Canterbury Christ Church University UK. He is recognised as a thought leader and facilitator on the Future of Work as Collaboration at Scale in the Digital Age and rated in the top ten contributors through social media on Economic Transformation by The Guardian newspaper.

Jeremy works globally with enterprises and not-for-profits to switch the conversation from that which we wish to avoid to that which we wish to accomplish, engaging every single member to co-create and innovation from the experience of the wholeness of things, not the parts of things. He works with progressive enterprises to explore the future of work as a social movement; where the full power of the new Third Platform technologies of digital, social, analytics, mobility and cloud are enabled by bringing everyone’s story into play.

According to Jeremy: “There is a fundamental truth about innovation – that innovation is the outcome of collaboration and collaboration is the bigger idea right now. It is the new innovation. At the heart of collaboration is the experience of people openly and authentically sharing, inquiring and generating ‘what’s next’ together, with the power of new digital and social technologies.

At the heart of collaboration is an engaged workforce – but only 13% of people are currently engaged. These contributors are equal players with business owners and leaders around a shared why – and we need more of them. But this will only come from the disruption of work as a movement, collaborating as social natives around the equalising experience of a community in conversation around why.

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Charles Bass

SESSION TOPIC:  My Innovation Journey

Charles (Charlie) Bass is an experienced entrepreneur and astute businessman. After 40-something years in the resource industry, he is now a highly-regarded philanthropist. 

Charlie’s belief that education is the greatest gift you can give led him to establish the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research & Innovation (“CERI”). His drive is that CERI will facilitate high-knowledge and high value innovation that will help create future prosperity for WA. 

Charlie will use his entrepreneurial experiences to explore the role of collaboration in innovation. Nothing is off limits with, “life, the universe and everything” a good summation of what to expect in Charlie’s talk.

From John Denver and the Aspen Mountains, to the Kalgoorlie plains, find out how the entrepreneurial mindset has shaped Charlie’s life and journey.

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John Grohovaz

SESSION TOPIC: A shared delivery –  Globalisation of Innovation – Reaching the World from Australia (With Nick Stamatiou)

John Grohovaz

John Grohovaz is a partner in Deloitte Global Investment and Innovation Incentives (GI3) team, the leader of the innovation agenda for the Perth office of Deloitte, and the partner responsible for the Global Pathways Program.

John’s experience spans across a broad range of industries such as engineering services, technology, advanced manufacturing, financial services, built environment and advertising. John also has significant experience in managing projects across multiple global sites.

Euan Semple

SESSION TOPIC:  Getting behind the buzz words.

Euan Semple is an early adopter of digital technologies and an innovator who has worked with major organisations like the BBC, Nokia, the World Bank, and NATO. He believes that companies that are succeeding in the marketplace today are those that are beginning to initiate a dialogue with customers and staff to improve their operations and processes.

Euan offers unique insights into how to make the latest technologies work for you and your organisation. He has helped organisations, and more importantly the people in them, to get their heads around social media, social business, and the social web both inside and outside the firewall. In his book ‘Organizations Don’t Tweet’, Euan identifies that there are remarkable opportunities to mine the intellects of senior managers, backroom operators, frontline staff and customers to create a more responsive business model. Euan believes those leaders and managers that stay connected to their community at work and with their customers have the best chance to survive and flourish in this new ‘Age of Disruption’.

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Morris Miselowski

SUNDOWNER TOPIC: What Australia will look like in 2025.

Morris Miselowski is a full-stack business futurist, a world-renowned business futurist, innovation provocateur and media commentator.  He is to be our guest of honour and keynote presenter at our Sundowner Session – in collaboration with the AICC(WA)’s ECU futureNOW Series.

Morris is constantly making intuitive, pragmatic and profitable judgments on how the world might evolve amidst information-abundance, where sparse facts mingle loosely with data-drenched opinions and for this he has been hailed by industry leaders as “the secret weapon to future-proofing your business”.

He has an insatiable appetite for new ideas, new practices, and all things future and is constantly finding incredible ways for his clients and audiences to be more profitable, productive and happy. He’s curious about the world, what makes it work, and how you can make a mark on it. He doesn’t wear blinkers, doesn’t deal in clichés, hype or hysteria, but instead keeps forever ahead of developments across 140 plus industries, because he knows that innovation is found at the boundaries between disciplines, not by narrowly focusing in on one sphere or the hottest fad.

He can cross the aisle to talk to engineers; speaks fluent geek and nerd; is a regular comrade to entrepreneurs and innovators; a confidant to angel investors and venture capitalists’ and can tap into his global network of best of mind / best of breed thinkers, influencers and doers faster than a speeding bullet. He is on the latest apps, constantly checking out the shiniest new tech and gadgets, but surprisingly he’s given to radical clarity despite much of his work involving slicing through thick ambiguities.

We are honoured to work collaboratively with the Australian Israeli Chamber of Commerce (AICC), and for them to have invited our delegates to share the opportunity to hear Morris speak on this important topic.

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Mr Andy Weir

SESSION TOPIC: Organisational transformation for a digital future

Andy Weir is a member of the Bankwest Executive Leadership Team, which is responsible for setting and driving the organisational strategy. His remit also extends to technology, operations and change management. He has over 20 years’ leadership experience in delivering major strategic and organisational change in both Europe and Australia.

Andy has led a number of transformational culture changes across Bankwest including the national retail expansion program, creating one of Australia’s most innovative distribution networks. He also played an integral role in establishing an activity-based working culture and led the Bankwest and Commonwealth Bank of Australia integration program.

He is a driving force behind Bankwest’s productivity agenda with the aim of creating one of the most agile and customer focused technology divisions in the world.

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Nick Stamatiou

SESSION TOPIC:  A shared delivery – Globalisation of Innovation – Reaching the World from Australia (With John Grohovaz)

Nick Stamatiou

Nick Stamatiou is the Head of Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy for Deloitte Australia.

Nick is a qualified software engineer, patent attorney, IP litigator, IP strategist and commercialisation consultant – having worked closely with some of the world’s largest technology companies on the protection, development and commercialisation of their intellectual property. Nick’s practice focuses on working with technology companies to develop intellectual property strategies that align with and support their overarching business strategy – with a particular focus on scaling businesses globally.

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