1-day conference

To run on Tuesday 4 April

Bringing together academic and industry leaders in the big data space to share the state of the art and its successful application in business.

Many of today’s most successful enterprises – in business and in science – are built on the collection and analysis of data. The sheer volume and richness of these data sets has stimulated a massive wave of innovation. In addition, this revolution has also sparked important debate on data privacy policies, ethics and governance.

BIG2017 (The BigData Innovators Gathering) will focus on Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics. This event will be co-located with WWW conference for the fourth time. The gathering will consist of keynotes from visionaries in the field, a panel on hot topics, and talks on successes and best practices.

Included with BIG2017 will be the BIG2017 Cup, sponsored by Microsoft. The BIG 2017 CUP, a big data challenge for machine learning and big data researchers and practitioners, is organised to explore ways to capture meaning in human communication through deep learning and network graph processing. This data challenge aims to encourage innovative approaches that leverage data in new ways for new outcomes.


The seven-member BIG2017 Steering Committee is led by Robin Chen, AT&T, USA and consists of a team of high-profile international big data scientists.

The BIG2017 Cup is sponsored by:

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Keynote Speakers

David Hawking

Partner architect from Microsoft

David Hawking

Based in Canberra, Australia, David Hawking is an Information Retrieval researcher and an Applied Researcher in the Bing (Microsoft) team. With expertise in Enterprise and Web Search, David is interested in search evaluation in realistic contexts, distributed search techniques, retrieval through textual annotations, enterprise/intranet search, query suggestion and improvement, improvement of search through exploitation of context, personal search and search efficiency.


Andrew Tomkins

Engineering Director from Google

Andrew Tomkins

Andrew Tompkins is a researcher interested in search, measurement, modelling, and analysis of the world wide web and related large data sets. His specialities include: web search, graph analysis, algorithms, social networks and web mining. He has co-authored over 90 papers, many of which were presented at past WWW conferences.

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One day, Tuesday 4 April. Includes the BIG2017 Reception.

Full: $435;    Student: $315


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