Festival on the Web Perth 2017

A 6 day festival of the web

2-7 April, 2017 at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Join the world’s best digital and creative minds next April when Perth hosts the inaugural Festival of the Web

Featuring dozens of exciting activities from dawn to dusk focused on our digital age, the Festival of the Web will bring together entrepreneurs, academia, industry, government and the Perth community over six jam-packed days in and around the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.

No code will be left unturned, as web experts, futurists and global heads of major technology and innovation companies debate the current international web landscape, its future and how it will impact society.

During the week, we will be dissecting major developments impacting our switched-on society, from social media to hacking and web security, to the online marketplace, ethics and games.

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre - The main venue for The Festival of the Web

International Events


The international World Wide Web conference which brings together web experts, academics, students, entrepreneurs and technologists over 5 days.


The international Web For All accessibility conference. Access to the web should be easy for all people on whatever device they wish to use. This conference debates the future improvements planned in providing access to the web.


Serious Games and Applications for Health - utilising the web to provide better understanding of health issues. Experts are now using methods based on serious games principles to create new and exciting tools in health.


The Big Data Innovators Gathering will bring academics and industry leaders together to discuss the state-of-the-art in Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics. Don't miss the BIG 2017 Cup.

Local Events

Trust Factory

The Trust Factory is a curated forum  exploring trust in our rapidly changing  world. It features diverse professionals  cooperatively communicating emerging  issues of the Web and Trust. 

Bytes & Rights

This two-day conference looks at copyright, digital rights, privacy, piracy, security and much more. What are the laws that propose to govern the Web and what new proposals are on the table? Curated by Electronic Frontiers Australia.


The Internet of Things in Mining Oil and Gas. DeepSensor will bring together experts, producers and suppliers to share insights into the continuing deployment of IoT in these crucial industries.

See our detailed program for the full set of conferences, talks, events and social activities in this exciting week.

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Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Festival of the Web will be held at the 

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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